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When you have a new product idea or want to revamp an existing one, we help you to discover ‘What is the product’ - that matches with your vision and has a great ROI. The output you get is a Product Concept Model !

Product Architecture

We will shape your

Product Architecture

Client Feedback

We will analyse your

Client Feedback

Product Architecture

We will define your product’s

Commercial Strategy

What this means for you is …

  • Product Architecture will help you to:

    Map the content and product functional capabilities

    Assess your existing and competitor products

    Build consensus on vision & mission

  • Knowing Clients’ Feedback will ensure:

    You are able to build a client centric product

    You can engage & build rapport with your clients

    You know your clients’ persona and needs

  • A sound Commercial Strategy helps in:

    Understanding product’s pricing & ROI model

    Detailing steps to launch your product

    Defining robust sales, marketing & conversion plan

The capabilities of the product are mapped to how a client would use the product & benefit from it ensuring the interaction is intuitive & seamless. The output you get is a clickable visual wireframe for the product.

Client Journeys

We will map your

Client Journeys

Product Wireframes

We will create

Product Wireframes

Client Journeys

We will outline high level

Product Backlog

What this means for you is …

  • You are aware of the various usage Journeys a Client may take that:

    Highlights business process flows that need streamlining

    Shows avenues to cross-sell and up-sell

    Enables you to offer customised content and features

  • You can use the options available on clickable Wireframes to:

    Perform client demo to get feedback on product’s capabilities

    Simulate client’s interaction with product

    Visualise details of your product’s features and content

  • Functional requirements listed in a Product Backlog will help you to:

    Establish relationships between content, functionality and process

    Conduct an early technical feasibility

    Prioritise & estimate the time and cost of product delivery

The visual designs are created for the product along with defining detailed user stories required to build the online product. The output you get is a Product launch roadmap with MVP highlighted.

Product Roadmap

We will define your

Product Roadmap

Visual Designs

We will create product's

Visual Designs

Product Roadmap

We will write detailed

Functional Requirements

What this means for you is …

  • The Product Roadmap enables you to:

    Share the guideline with your product team

    Prioritise the features & content you want to Go live with

    Visualize the evolution of the product – MVP & beyond

  • The Visual Designs will help you:

    Showcase & validate designs with internal stakeholders

    Baseline a consistent visual style guide for development

    Finalise the product’s visual look & feel

  • The detailed Functional Requirements will allow you to:

    Start product development

    Verify the business rules that drive the content & features

    Estimate time and complexity of product development

A detailed handover & walkthrough of product roadmap, business rules & functional requirements will be given to your in-house or offsite delivery team. The output you get is that your team is equipped to build the product.

Handover & Training

We will provide detailed

Handover & Training to your Delivery team

Development & Testing

We will liaise during

Development & Testing with your Delivery team

Handover & Training

We will help you select

3rd Party Delivery Team If you don’t have one

What this means for you is …

  • After the Handover & Training, your Delivery team will:

    Know the product roadmap and MVP

    Be aware of all features and content requirements

    Understand the customer journeys and business rules

  • When we liaise with your Delivery team, we will help:

    Your Product Manager with product launch

    Any further analysis during the development cycle

    Requirement support and sprint planning

  • If you need to hire a Technical Delivery team, we will:

    Advise you on product launch activities

    Provide a detailed requirements walkthrough to the 3rd party

    Help you find a suitable 3rd party technical delivery team


2 Hour Workshop


2 Hour Workshop

We come prepared to draw a blueprint of your product idea in a couple of hours

Solution Proposal


Solution Proposal

Based on your needs, we propose a tailored solution covering a mix of: Discover, Design, Define & Deliver phases

Start Project


Start Project

Our team starts to work on your product as per the proposal


We know it's difficult to summarise the business challenge around your existing product or the new product idea you are working upon without knowing how, when or exactly where we could help you.   Just send us your details and the business problem that's troubling you the most today. We will schedule a discussion and help you immediately

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